I write for my favourite people in the whole world: PERFORMING MUSICIANS

Just because you can amaze your audience doesn't mean you can WRITE.

Your music performance may be SO GOOD it leaves people weeping and blubbering all over themselves.

A kick-ass punk-rock or EDM performance can get a hundred thousand people gyrating like the unmatched socks and in your washing machine (I'm not sure which would be stinkier!)

But that doesn't mean you can write. If you take away the music, the instruments, the amps, the lights, and your performing pizazz, communication moves to a different place: words SANS melody and rhythm.

I believe that almost every musician needs to ramp up their communication in the NON-MUSIC world, and sometimes people need a nudge. Here's me nudging you firmly in the side with my elbow, okay?

People want to get what you do. More than that, they NEED to get what you do.

Your MUSICAL BRAND and your PERSONALITY is conveyed in your words.

So let's get it right, together.

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